Yes...those are Girbaud jeans and I was sporting the ankle roll in 1994.

Brett Bernard is a state and nationally recognized teacher with over twenty years of experience. Bernard also has experience as a coach, and staff development professional. He earned his M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and has shared his expertise with organizations including Pearson Inc., Nikken Inc., and the YMCA.  Brett is a published author and has multiple resources that help people achieve success. Mr. Bernard was the captain of the U.S.A Unicycle team and used this experience to start a program that helped youth maximize their potential.


Brett was a member of the U.S.A. Unicycle Team and set the goal of becoming the #1 Freestyle Unicyclist in the World. He was the National Champion in 1991, 1992, 1993, and 1994.  His positive attitude, work-ethic, and perseverance helped him to reach his dream and become the 1994 World Champion of Unicycling.


Based out of the Minneapolis, Minnesota area,  Brett enjoys spending time with his two beautiful kids. They enjoy the beautiful lakes of Minnesota, attending sporting events, and other attractions such as museums and Mall of America. Skol Vikings!


“Brett Bernard is on a mission to find the talents of everyone and help them succeed!” Don Shelby, CBS News


Brett's passion for helping others achieve in math comes through loud and clear in his first book,Total Math Engagement. This book is loaded with specific steps for teachers to achieve engagement in their math classrooms.

Math Anxiety  hits close to home for Brett. As a student and teacher, Brett had math anxiety and is now a  math anxiety survivor. Brett shares personal stories and proven strategies to reduce math anxiety.

Brett's most recent book series, How to Talk Math, is a set of  student workbooks that incorporates math vocabulary and whole-brain learning. This book is a must for students in grades 3-6.